Elanco aquires Novartis Animal Health

Elanco has become a new global leader in Animal Health after acquiring Novartis Animal Health.

The company is expected to increase investment in research and development. In the animal health sector one of the main focuses will be to protect livestock from disease and parasites, improving animal well-being and reducing the environmental footprint of livestock production.

Gaynor Hillier, general manager for UK and Ireland, said the company would continue to offer the products their customers trust.

“We’ll continually seek innovative ways we can support our customers’ business, by investing in the development of new solutions to meet our customers’ greatest unmet needs.

“With increased technical services, that combine our analytic and benchmarking tools with on-the-ground support, we’ll be able to spend more time with individual customers seeking innovative solutions that can make a difference in their business.”

The complete integration of the businesses will take time, but availability and access to products will continue uninterrupted.

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