Farmer Focus Livestock: Breed difference obvious to Charlie Armstrong

Lack of rain has meant re-ploughing nearly 200 acres of land, so we could produce a seed-bed good enough to plant fodder beet. This has worked well and planting is now finished in good order.

Potato planting is well under way and thanks to a good neighbour and his GPS system we have straight rows this year. Maybe we should have got him to drill the fodder beet too.

Silage fields are all rolled which leaves us to carry on lambing and selling store hoggs. With three different breeds of purchased ewes all lambing at once, it’s interesting to dream about which is the perfect breed.

At the moment the Lleyns are coming out top, Blackfaces ewes with mules just behind, leaving Texel cross ewes in a different league. I don’t think anyone has lambed a Lleyn and they are proving great mothers, compared to the Texel crosses with one in five ewes needing help, sometimes by two people.

Our Beula flock which starts lambing on 27 April, has in fact started now. It would appear a little Welsh Mountain store lamb was having a bit of action last autumn, well good on him, the lambs are fully sucked and footed and he came to £54 on the hook last week.

Fat bullocks and heifers have been going to Scott Beef about £3.00/kg and coming to good money. They will be replaced with black and white bulls depending on the price. Store cattle will shortly be turned out, as grass is starting to grow well and fields are definitely dry enough.

By the time you have read this we will hopefully have started tagging all the lambs with EID tags and Jane will have them added to the computer without any problems. Watch this space!

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