Farmer Focus Livestock: Brussels trip is an eye-opener for Tom Rawson

I would love to say June/July has been a non-stop work fest, however, I have actually been out of the country twice. First to France with Dad and two of his old college pals, Steve and Tom.

While Tom and I sat in the back of the Discovery comparing notes on rapid weight loss, dad and Steve sat in the front running their own smoking competition – last man to 200 fags buys the next 200. A bar bill of E350 in two nights also painted a picture.

Second, I was away to Brussels with the next generation dairy board, visiting the European Parliament. It was a very interesting insight into the workings of the place where many of our future farm policies are decided for us. It also illustrated to me the tireless work of the NFU staff based over there. We heard from German, Dutch and Irish departments, all providing an objective look at their individual points of view.

Europe is particularly aware of the UK’s unenthusiastic approach to the Commission, realising our historic ties with Australia and New Zealand are still our favoured option. I am also glad to report, for once, everyone else seems to be on a far lower milk price than us.

At last the rain has come to Dewsbury, resulting in long awaited rapid pasture growth, at one point it was so heavy I presumed the good Lord himself had sent the floods to rid the town of all its ill doings; looking for an arc, the best I could muster was small dinghy off the pond. The major inconvenience was the lightening knocked out our Sky TV, forcing me to miss both Home and Away and Hollyoaks – oh well life goes on.

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