Farmer Focus livestock: Charles Armstrong says wool destination depends on price

Clipping has started and seems to be going well; by that I mean not too many maggots, but they are there.

Who we sell the wool to this year will depend totally on price; which means the British Wool Board might not get our wool for the first time ever.

Tagging lambs with EID tags has finished and the tags work fine. But as for the software – that’s a different kettle of fish. First, do you read these tags using HDX or FDX? Once you have opted for one you can then bash on, only to discover the sheep program on the computer prefers the other option, which you only realise after you’ve tagged and read them all.

But my wife can now print long lists of mixed-up numbers that look like some kind of wallpaper. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so we will carry on – it can only get better.

A planning application has been submitted for a new sheep and cattle shed that will, I hope, be erected later this year. It will be used for wintering cattle and handling sheep throughout the year. As we wait for planning permission, concrete is being laid for roads and yards.

Silaging is just about to start after all the machinery has been repaired after working in difficult conditions last year. The fields won’t break any records, as there is not a lot in the bottom, but should rain come we might get a better second cut.

Next year, I think, we will employ an MP to fill in our CSS and SFP forms, as they are certainly good at claiming everything.

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