Farmer Focus: Pig price increase worth getting excited about

The SPP price went up by 0.25p on 13 March. It is worrying when I get so excited about 0.25p, but you have to be positive and it’s the first time it’s gone up in a very long time – so it is worth getting excited about.

Unfortunately, a number of herds have already packed in, but as always supply and demand have to be equal and so something or someone has to give.

It is a shame the UK choose to import pork over buying our own product.  

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Last night (17 March), I was a guest of Mole Agriculture at the Northern Farmer Awards in Harrogate. It truly was an inspiring evening.

With no segment of our industry thriving at the moment, I think it is very important to attend such events to remember what a great industry agriculture is.

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There was a mixture of generations and all sectors were represented with some of the most forward thinking innovative farmers from the North picking up awards.

Socialising with like-minded people who are all adapting to the changing consumer was thoroughly enjoyable. Of course we all had a bit of a moan but in general it was a positive evening. 

My parents are away at the moment, my mum is playing Hockey for England in Oz for the over-60s team, so the business is firmly in mine and my two sisters’ hands. It’s a great opportunity to take full control when Dad and Mum can’t jump in – regardless of if we want them to or not.

We have already changed quite a bit with a new manager starting on our outdoor unit along with a new stockman. We are hoping that by the time they return our performance will be better than ever.

Of course, the weather will hopefully help but the team working on the farm is key and the main driver for success, so fingers crossed we have got it right.

Kate Morgan and family farm 1,700 sows indoors in East Yorkshire and 1,200 outdoor in North Yorkshire, taking all the progeny through to slaughter