Farmers can benefit from Eblex teleconferences

Farmers can take part in three telephone conferences on feeding and finishing beef cattle, starting in October.

The Eblex Better Returns Programme monthly conferences are an easy and affordable way for farmers to participate without leaving their farm, with calls costing an estimated £1.80.

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Chris Lloyd, industry development manager, said: “We have listened to farmers and recognise that, although our on-farm events are popular, it is difficult for many farmers to get to them because of work commitments.”

To listen to the conferences – each lasting a maximum of 45 minutes – farmers can call from a landline or mobile, making them suitable even for poor broadband areas.

However, in order to participate, an internet connection is required, as questions must be sent via email during the conference. These will be answered by the speaker after the main session.

A free summary document of the main points covered will also be available to anyone who requests one by emailing

The upcoming conferences are:

10 October 1:30pm

  • How good is your silage and what feeds are best value to balance it? Presented by Pete Kelly
  • Minimising pneumonia in finishing cattle, presented by Debby Brown

7 November, time tbc

  • How to reduce feed costs in your finishing unit – improving feed efficiency, presented by Jimmy Hyslop
  • Straw-based diets for dry suckler cows, presented by Karen Stewart

5 December, time tbc:

  • Diets for suckler cows as they approach calving, presented by Karen Stewart

For more information call Fiona on 0870 241 8829, or email

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