Farmers petition Prime Minister for end to fallen stock burial ban

A group of farmers have started a petition on the 10 Downing Street website which calls for an end to the ban on burying fallen stock.

The petition, which so far has been signed by 165 producers, calls on the Prime Minister to scrap the National Fallen Stock Scheme and reinstate on farm burial as a green initiative.

“Since the beginning of time when an animal died on a farm the farmer buried it as the quickest, greenest and most biosecure method of disposal,” it says.

“As of last year though, when one chicken, sheep or any animal dies on a farm, as occurs in any population naturally, a man drives 60 miles to collect it then 100 miles to a crematorium for animals where using gas the animal is incinerated.

“So for a chicken worth £3.60 in Sainsbury we burn over 100 miles of petrol, burn the gas for incineration and transport a dead animal miles from the place of death with all the associated biosecurity risks, as well as all the energy used to print numerous forms to be completed and transported, read and filed.

“If this government is serious about green issues then it will act quickly to repeal this senseless law.”

The petition follows an announcement by the National Fallen Stock Company that collection charges will rise from 1 June.

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