Feed solution could help extend forage supplies

A new moist feed has been released that could help aid dwindling forage supplies.

Mole Moist 1425 from Mole Valley Feed Solutions is a moist feed that could help livestock producers who are looking to replace maize silage or extend forage stocks.

With many farmers being forced to buffer feed or bring cows in due to grass burn-off, forage supplies are being put under increasing pressure. However, the nutrient-rich moist feed could help extend stocks.

The product has been specially formulated to help replace maize silage, explains Chris Bartram, head of nutrition at Mole Valley Feed Solutions.

“The product is similar nutritionally to maize silage, with a high level of starch and low protein. It includes maize grain and soya hulls or sugar beet, as well as a specialist molasses liquid feed which makes it highly palatable.”

High palatability will help drive dry matter intakes and consequently boost milk production. Mole Moist 1425 is also suitable for growing beef animals.

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