First sheep injection to cover fluke, worms and scab

The first injection to control fluke, worms and scab in sheep is now available.

Closamectin Injection for Sheep is licensed in the UK, Republic of Ireland and other European countries, and contains the same combination of ingredients as Norbrook’s cattle product, Closamectin Pour On, and provides effective treatment for adult and late immature fluke, worms and external parasites.

And the effect of fluke, worms and external parasites on the health of a flock of sheep can be terrible, resulting in real financial losses, with fluke disease currently thought to cause annual losses of €2.5bn worldwide, says Alistair Couper, Norbrook Vet Manager.

“Liver fluke is one of the most damaging of all parasites affecting sheep in the UK and Ireland and around 10% of acute cases results in sudden death. Although most sheep farmers are treating regularly, we believe that Closamectin Injection for Sheep will be a popular alternative to traditional drenches.”

This new product contains 0.5% w/v ivermectin and 12.5% w/v closantel and is licensed for the treatment of liver fluke (from seven weeks old), a wide range of gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms and sheep scab. For complete control in the case of scab infection, a second ivermectin-only injection must be given one week later. It is available in a range of pack sizes from animal health stores and vets.