Forage Aid seeks regional volunteers and hauliers

Farming charity Forage Aid is searching for volunteer regional co-ordinators and hauliers to help broaden its charitable aims.

The regional co-ordinators would become the face of Forage Aid in their given geographical area or county, working closely with representatives from the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (Rabi) and the Farming Community Network (FCN).

The role would be to support Forage Aid at a local level to ensure its aims and objectives can be carried out effectively during times of crisis.

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This volunteer role would only be called upon occasionally, should a crisis happen in your region. There is no salary offered, but reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

The hauliers also form an integral part in the effective running of the charity and are essential in the support at both a regional and national level.

Forage Aid is seeking to hold a central database with people to contact during times of crisis to establish if help can be provided.

Hauliers needed

Spokesperson Wendy Cooper said: “Each haulier would work very closely with its haulage logistics co-ordinator, Branston Limited (Lincoln) and regional co-ordinators on the ground, wherever the crisis may be.

“We understand the importance of timeliness with running lorries, consequently arrangements are in place for drop-off points near motorway junctions or other easily accessible roads.”

The services are again offered on a completely voluntary basis, with no monetary reimbursement. In recognition of this huge commitment, there will be extensive local and national recognition with TV, press and social media exposure.

If you are interested in becoming a regional co-ordinator or haulier on behalf of Forage Aid, please email

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