Full results of the Three Counties Show

For an milk producer, who only started breeding beef cattle two years ago, Peter Mallaber’s victory at the Three Counties Show beef interbreed championship at Malvern in his first year of showing is some achievement.

The Staffordshire-based producer bought his outstanding Charolais heifer Thrunton Versailles as a three-month-old calf, for what he described as a reasonable price for a top quality animal.

“If you are serious about breeding pedigree there is no point in buying rubbish,” said Mr Mallaber, who began breeding Charolais and Belgian Blues to take his mind off depressed milk prices.

Dairy cattle entries were disappointing for the second successive year, which meant an interbreed championship wasn’t scheduled for this year.

But judge David Inman from Cumbria praised the overall quality of the animals forward, particularly the dairy characteristics of the Holstein champion Noremead Delboy Marbella from the Cooper Partnership’s herd based at Swindon in Wiltshire.

“She is a terrific type and everything about her suggests she will give several trouble-free high-yielding lactations,” said Mr Inman.

But Noremead stockman Jeff Daw was disappointed when Soeden Juno Ceres, his own Jersey cow in milk, lost the any other dairy breed championship to Luckly Fluellen from the Murray family’s newly established Windy Ridge herd at Pattingham near Wolverhampton.

Strong sheep classes were again dominated by veteran Welsh showman Dick Powell, who announced his retirement two years ago, but is enjoying continued success after almost 70 years of exhibiting Kerry Hills.

For the second year in a row, he took the show’s interbreed championship, this year with a large-framed shearling ewe.
Standing reserve was a Charollais ram entered by another show ring veteran Derrick Daffurn and his daughter Jennifer Curtis, who bought the tup at Builth Wells for 740gns last September.

The interbreed championship for traditional pig breeds was taken by Jobes Major Royal Lustre, Chris Coe’s Berkshire gilt, from the outdoor managed 60-sow Glebeton herd in Warwickshire.

Interbreed S Mallaber’s Charolais heifer Thrunton Versailles; res, C Hutchings and Sons’ Aberdeen Angus heifer Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel.
Interbreed Pairs C Hutchings and Sons Limousin; res, C Hutchings and Sons’ Aberdeen Angus.
Hereford F Arrowsmith’s heifer Oaklea Bethan; res, Wright and Sons’ bull Badlingham Brett.
Aberdeen Angus C Hutchings and Sons’ heifer Kingsbrompton Miss Ethel; res, C Hutchings and Sons’ bull Logie Daredevil.
Blonde Whistley Herd Partnership’s heifer Whistley Ucinate; res, Whistley Herd Partnership’s bull Whistley Achorite.
Belgian Blue A Neachell’s bull Greystone The Boss; res, J R Wyllie’s heifer Tamhorn Waterlily.
Charolais S Mallaber’s heifer Thrunton Versailles; res, B Robinson’s bull Cliftonpark Aramis.
Simmental J Gilson’s bull Challenge Show Boy; res, G Hunter’s cow Tilbrook Cash Tiller.
Highland P Knauff-Dexter’s heifer Lesley of Thistle; res, J Gardner’s heifer Heather of Craycombe.
Longhorn J Brigg’s bull Gorse Monsignor; res, J Brigg’s heifer Gorse Lollipop.
Murray Grey D Wildenstein’s bull Blue Nile; res, Otter and Company’s cow Ashrose Beverly 14.
South Devon K and M Plain’s cow Foxhole Martha; res, D Smallcombe’s heifer Flintfield Sarah.
Any Other Breed C J Hutchings and Sons’ Limousin bull Goldies Trophy; res, Clay Farm Partnership’s Shorthorn Cow Wenmar Brenda.

Holstein Cooper Partnership’s cow Normead Delboy Marbella; res, S and S Murray’s cow Hunday Tribute.
Any Other Breed S and S Murray’s Jersey Luckley Fluellen; res, J Daw’s Jersey Soeden Ceres.
Gloucester R Day’s bull Dymock Burgess; res, M Swinley’s heifer Peglars Lola.
Dexter J Knight’s cow Beechwood Daisy 2; res, A Park’s cow Chartmoor Arabella.
Red Poll Moreton Red Polls’ cow Warren Polka; res, C Moody’s dry cow Warren Nylon.

Interbreed R and R Powell’s Kerry Hill shearling ewe: res, Daffurn and Curtis’s Charollais ram.
Beltex D Gardiner’s shearling ewe; res, C and W Phillips’ shearling ewe.
Berrichon Du Cher T Stayt’s ewe lamb; res, T Stayt’s ram lamb.
Bleu Du Maine P Tait’s shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s shearling ram.
Charollais Daffurn and Curtis’ shearling ram; res, T Pritchard’s shearling ewe.
Clun Forest G Smith’s ram; res, G Smith’s shearling ewe.
Dorset Down K Ivey’s shearling ram; res, K Ivey’s ewe lamb.
Hampshire Down J Davies’ ram lamb; res, E and S Jones’ shearling ram.
Leicester Longwool D and A Goodman’s ewe; res, L Parson’s lamb.
Lleyn S Peters’ ram; res, J Gunn’s ram lamb.
Rouge de l’Ouest P Tait’s shearling ewe; res, P Tait’s shearling ram.
Suffolk V Samuel’s ewe lamb; res, C Holmes’ shearling ram.
Texel P Houldey’s ram lamb; res, F Moffat’s shearling ram.
Vendeen J and G Durman’s shearling ewe; res, J and G Durman’s shearling ram.
Zwartbles H Short’s ewe; res, K Jones’ ram.
Badger Face Welsh Mountain J Langford’s group of three; res, J Langford’s ewe lamb.
Black Welsh Mountain E Williams’ shearling ewe; res, G Garn’s shearling ewe.
Cotswold D Stanhope’s group; res, S Parkes’ ewe.
Dorset Horn B Wernham and Son’s shearling ewe; res, G and E Jones’ shearling ram.
Jacob D Price’s shearling ewe; res, S Taylor’s shearling ewe.
Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ewe; res, R and R Powell’s ram.
Lincoln Longwool L Smith’s shearling ram; res, S Higgins’ shearling ewe.
Ryland R Wear’s ram; res, S Kendrick’s ewe.
Any Other Breed Bredon School’s Scottish Blackface ewe; res, Bredon School’s Scottish Blackface ram.
Any Other Lowland Breed F and B Taylor’s Southdown ewe lamb; res, P Geddes’s Shropshire shearling ewe.
Any Other Longwool Breed M Day’s Bluefaced Leicester ram; res, D Stanhope’s Teeswater ewe.

Interbreed Traditional Breeds C Coe’s Berkshire gilt Jobes Major Royal Lustre; res, P Snell and Sons’ Large Black sow Sock Bess 40.
Interbreed Modern Breeds S Loveless’s Large White Sow Port Bredy; res, Flay and Tongue’s Welsh Board Slade Workman.     
Gloucester Old Spot M Hicks’s gilt Windmill Princess Mary; res, S Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ gild Whitepool Dolly.
Berkshire C Coe’s gilt Jobes Major Royal Lustre; res, S Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ boar Kilcot Ambassador.
Saddleback Edwards and Thomas’ gilt Pantysgawen Dinah; res, P Darvill’s gilt Toiler Dinah.
Large Black P Snell and Sons’ sow Sock Bess; res, Card and Brickell’s gilt Bilgrim Nocturne.
Tamworth C G Howes’ boar Stoneymoor Royal Standard; res, B Warren’s sow Courtbleddyn Jacqueline.
Any Other Breed Flay and Tongue’s Welsh boar Slade Workman; res, S Loveless’s gilt Port Bredy. 

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