George Moss reflects on best spring for years

We have been blessed with the best growing spring for years. Like the springs of old we successfully made both stack and bales silage in October – 240 bales across the organic dairy and dry-stock block and a 50t stack on the conventional dairy – and we are likely to make a lot more yet. This will set both farms well for a dry spell if one occurs.

Both herds continue to milk well in excess of 2kg of milk-solids. With the first two weeks of mating completed, submission rates are 59% with conventional cows and an amazing 69% with organics. Industry targets are 60% for two weeks.

October saw us receive the final milk payment for last season’s production; these payments are the largest single milk cheques we have received in our careers. We used this opportunity to further reduce debt and try to future-proof the business in these volatile times.

Fonterra has since reduced the forecast milk price by 45c/kg milk-solids due to falling global prices and the high NZ dollar. I suspect we will see further falls next season as the Americans increase their dairy exports.

Being a staff member short – our English couple are still working their way through immigration – I find it frustrating not getting through all the required jobs, meaning that I still have calves to weigh, weeds to do, and some fences to finish, and the never ending paperwork to complete. And, worst of all, no fishing or gardening done.


Livestock farmer focus: George Moss

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