Grassland and Muck 2014 video: Revolutionary grass monitor on demo

A revolutionary grass monitor that can be mounted on a wellie boot and automatically measures grass height via ultrasound sensors is set to make measuring grass easier.

The Grassometer from Mole Valley Farmers has been designed to provide grassland farmers with easy to use, precision technology to allow accurate recording and management, complementing plate meters .

Designed by Jerry Manock, the designer of the Apple Mac, the device can be easily fitted to a wellie boot or pole and paired with a smartphone App.

The unit’s patented four ultrasound sensors then automatically takes thousands of grass height measurements across a field as you walk and instantaneously calculates kg of DM/ha. 

Mole Valley Forage Services’ Hugh Frost says it enables farmers to get an idea of grassland performance straight away.

Watch our video to find out more on how the Grassometer works, plus DairyCo extension officer Piers Badnell offers tips on using plate meters.