Grassland UK: Aerway finds UK importer for Canadian slurry kit

Canadian aerator, slurry application and cultivator maker Aerway has set up an official UK importer and has a machine that puts an unusual slant on slurry application.

Called Aerway UK, the importer is in Preston, Lancashire (07771 692 780, and run by Tim Welsh.

While the main product sold in the UK is a range of aerators from 1.5m to 9.1m (5-30ft), the firm is also pushing its new TSF wavy disc slurry applicator. This looks like a standard disc-based machine but the discs are scalloped (they actually come from a min-till drill) and leave a snake-track slot that slurry is less inclined to run along. Meanwhile, slurry is delivered by a conventional macerator head.

Several have already been brought into Wales by an enterprising dealer and are said to be working well, but Mr Welsh reckons there is scope for wider sales. Versions in working widths from 3m to 10m are available and the £16,000 4.8m model is expected to be the most popular.

Aerway UK says it also plans to start bringing in arable versions of its aerator next year. These have two rotors, one with three tines and the other with four, so they turn at different speeds and are designed to go straight into stubble.