App allows real-time data sharing with vet

A mobile app is set to enable British beef farms to share cattle data with their vet in real-time to assist with herd health plans.

The Herd Health Planning app from Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) veterinary services collects and records data and immediately shares it with the farm’s vet.

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The system is linked up with the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), allowing births, deaths and movements to be uploaded instantly.

The Scottish government-funded app, which is now downloadable for Android and Apple devices, allows farmers to:

  • Provide early communication of herd health to their vet
  • Download all cattle currently on the holding through BCMS
  • Record bulls in/out dates  
  • Record movements, births, deaths and upload to BCMS
  • Record disease incidents and production data
  • Record animal treatments with an e-medicine book section
  • Record and save data off-line in the app
  • Enter information once and use it multiple times
Heard Health Planning app on mobile phone


Time is precious

All data is stored on the app, meaning internet is not needed to record events. Data is sent to the vet or BCMS once wi-fi or mobile data become available.

Health planning development manager Dr Foteini Manolaraki said: “We recognise that time is a precious commodity for today’s farmers.

“Rather than taking notes while out in the field or shed and then copying them into a computer, this new app allows them to share their cattle data with their vet while on the move.”

Cost of Herd Health Planning app 

  • Free to Scottish farmers registered with Animal Health Planning System (SAHPS)
  • Available to others for a small subscription fee