Consumers urged to learn about farming

Members of the public are being urged to find out more about the production of food from farmed animals this week as part of the RSPCA’s Farm Animal Week.

“Many people don’t realise the link between labels they choose and how farm animals looked after,” RSPCA Freedom Food chief executive Leigh Grant said.

“Consumers really do have the power to change the way animals are reared simply by the food choices they make. We are asking everyone to switch one item in their shopping basket for a higher welfare alternative.”

A survey conducted by the RSPCA found only 16% of consumers knew most chickens are slaughtered at around five weeks old with 59% of people polled believing they live for three months.

On the first day of Farm Animal Week (26 July) the featured animal was poultry with a guide to the conditions deemed essential for healthy chickens and a rundown of the Freedom Foods standards of production.

Farm Animal Week runs from 26 July until 1 August.