Heather Mills breaks into pig farm to protest about farrowing crates

Columnist David Richardson reckons Heather Mills is a puppet of the pressure group. Why not read his blog post in full and add your own comments. 

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, has filmed undercover footage of a pig farm in Somerset as part of a Viva! campaign against farrowing crates.

Ms Mills has revealed that she led a team of campaigners onto the farm in the middle of the night without the permission of the farmer.

The video shows pigs in farrowing crates – which are legal – but which Ms Mills claims are “barbaric and inhumane.”

“We’re always being told that Britain has the highest welfare standards in the world and this is an example of this being a complete joke,” she said.

The farmer – Michael Underhill from Greinton, near Bridgwater, told FW that he is considering taking legal action, although he is having to think carefully about what it might cost.

“I’m annoyed that she’s been around the farm and it has unnerved my two children who don’t like the idea that someone has been creeeping around in the night,” he said. 

“If they weren’t in farrowing crates, instead of getting 10 pigs per litter [surviving] we would be getting six per litter.”

The National Pig Association said the organisation did not debate animal ethics with criminals and did not take part in media stunts that involved ‘Viva!’.

“NPA continues to engage in talks with serious animal welfare organisations such as RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming,” said a statement on its website.

Viva is a vegetarian campaign group which claims that eating meat causes environmental destruction, damages human health, contributes to global hunger and inflicts suffering on animals across the world.

Watch the video for yourself on the Viva! website.