Industry set to present TB demands to government

The farming industry is set to present the government with a series of demands in relation to its decision not to allow a badger cull as a method of controlling bovine TB.

Following a meeting on Friday, the NFU and farming organisations have drawn up eight criteria they want to see met before they will consider co-operating with the government over issues such as disease cost-sharing.

Meurig Raymond, NFU deputy president, said the eight points dealt largely with concerns over bovine TB.

Disease control

They included calls for better disease control in wildlife, as well as calls for assistance from the EU.

A full list of backers is set to be announced on Wednesday when the group presents its criteria to DEFRA officials.

So far the list of organisations expected to add their weight to the document includes the Country Land and Business Association, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, the Tenant Farmers Association, the National Beef Association and the Young Farmers Club.