Survey launched to assess TB in dead badgers

A survey of badgers found dead in Wales – the first in eight years – has been launched in Wales.

The Wales-wide study will form part of the Welsh government’s bovine TB eradication programme and aims to identify the prevalence of TB in badgers through post-mortem examinations.

Carmarthenshire dairy farmer and Farmers’ Union of Wales TB spokesman, Brian Walters, welcomed the launch of the survey.

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He said the investigation undertaken in 2005 and 2006 had been useful in identifying national and regional trends. In total, 727 badgers were reported and 459 were suitable for examination. Across Wales, the prevalence of bovine TB in badgers was found to be 13%, with estimates of prevalence highest in Gwent (26%) southern Powys (25%), Carmarthenshire (16%) and Pembrokeshire (15%). In comparison, 0.6% of Welsh cattle tested positive for TB in 2007.

Dead badgers can be reported to the Animal and Plant Health Agency on 03003 038 268.

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