TB will be a real ‘test’ for Animal Health and Welfare Board

Delivering a concise and effective action plan for bovine TB will be a real test of success for the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England.

Speaking to a group of producers at the Beef Expo in Malvern, board member Stuart Roberts said the ability of the board to deliver an effective action plan for TB would be a gauge of its success.

“Tackling TB will be a real test for the board. It’s easy to try and ignore it because it’s difficult, but if we don’t get a grip on it, the board will be seen to have failed,” he said.

“It’s time for a coherent TB strategy, not a sticking plaster approach. We need a strategy which says how we will go about eradicating the disease with timelines and practical guidelines.”

He said the aim of the board was to involve the industry more in animal health policy decision making, and called on the industry to speak up and challenge the board if it was unhappy about any decisions.