Second foot and mouth case could have had infection for three weeks


Cattle culled at a second Surrey farm because of foot and mouth disease may have been infected for three weeks before the disease was discovered, vets have reported.

Some lesions found on stock at Stroude Farm, Egham, were up to 10 days old, leading experts to believe that animals could have been harbouring the disease for up to three weeks before the first Egham outbreak, on Wednesday 12 September.

These findings also suggest that cattle at Milton Park Farm, which were the first to be confirmed and culled, could have been infected by neighbouring animals at Stroude Farm.

Meanwhile, the number of pigs being slaughtered in the precautionary cull, announced Saturday afternoon (15 September), is said to be fewer than 30 animals.

Tests are being carried out on these animals and results are expected later today, keep an eye on our special report into the foot and mouth disease outbreak for more information.

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