World’s first automatic drench gun launched

Livestock tagging and identification company Shearwell Data has released the world’s first drench gun that calibrates dose rates automatically.

The gun, designed and manufactured by New Zealand-based firm Te Pari, wirelessly connects to the weigh scale using wi-fi and calculates the precise dose rate for each animal based on its weight.

Shearwell's cordless drench gun

© Tim Scrivener

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Launching its release at the National Beef Association’s Beef Expo at Bakewell yesterday (20 May) Sam Webber Shearwell Data’s UK sales manager, said: “It’s a superbly ergonomic tool that is not only accurate, it is self-powered to reduce hand strain and it is really easy to use.

“The gun will eliminate both underdrenching and costly overdrenching that can occur with traditional methods of drenching.”

The technology is compatible with the Te Pari Weigh Scale or the Shearwell Stock Recorder.

Two models are available: a manual calibration gun that allows farmers to select dose rates on screen, which costs £600, and an automatic calibration gun that costs £850.

Two barrels are also available: a 70mm barrel for cattle that doses 5-90ml and a smaller barrel for sheep that doses 1-14ml.

This can also be used for injections and will be available later this year.

Key features:

  • Statistics button providing drench numbers and volume used
  • The device is powered by two lithianium-ion batteries capable of completing 2,000 doses
  • On-screen battery display
  • Three stainless steel nozzles
  • When used with Shearwell Stock recorder treatments can be recorded and imported into your FarmWorks software program
  • Retraction and dose rates can be sped up and slowed