Video: How automated drench gun could cut resistance

Newton Rigg College is one of the first places in the country to be using an automated drench gun, which administers the correct dose of medicine based on the exact weight of the animal.

From New Zealand, it wirelessly connects directly to the Te Pari weigh scale or the Shearwell Stock Recorder using wi-fi, meaning the precise dosage for each animal is calculated based on its weight and this is transmitted to the gun.

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After each animal, it is then automatically calibrated. Manual calibration is also possible.

Matt Bagley, head of agriculture at Newton Rigg College, which has a Te Pari gun and weigh head installed at their new £435,000 sheep unit, says the product could have a massive impact on animal health.

“It means the right product, is being administered to the right animal and at the right time at the correct dose.

“This could have a massive impact in helping reduce resistance to worms and antibiotics as animals are getting the right dose for their weight.”

Watch the video below to see the Te Pari drench gun in action.