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How Eternit roofs can improve livestock welfare and profit

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We are Eternit— the true originals.

We work side-by-side with our farmers and are committed to growing and investing in their potential — equipping them with ever smarter solutions to grow their farms, and meet the needs of their future.

Eternit is the only producer of semi-compressed fibre cement profiled sheeting in the UK and our roofs are specifically designed for the needs of British farmers and our unique climate.

Our innovative high-performing roofing solutions have been helping farmers for over 100 years, future-proofing their businesses for the next generation.

For over 100 years, Eternit’s innovative high-performing roofing solutions have been helping farmers provide better homes for their animals, boost profits and future-proof their businesses for the next generation.

Who we are

Eternit is the only producer of semi-compressed fibre cement profiled sheeting in the UK, with roofs that are specifically designed for the needs of British farmers and this unique climate.

Working side by side with the agricultural community, we’ve invested our experience and expertise in helping farm professionals build better buildings to improve profitability.

We have specialist knowledge of roof requirements across an extensive range of agricultural buildings – from dairy, beef, pigs, poultry and equestrian to grain barns – with a range of profiled sheeting to suit every need.

What we sell

Our market-leading fibre cement roofs are designed to suit a full range of agricultural buildings. They are engineered to regulate temperature and humidity and reduce noise levels to maximise animal comfort, production and profits.

How we can help

Our technical team has over 60 years of combined farming and building experience and we’ll always help you find the most cost-effective solution for your project. We are constantly committed to creating value for our customers, alongside protecting animal welfare.

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What we know

We know that uncomfortable and damp environments lead to animal stress, sickness and a drop in productivity, so our roofs are designed to absorb up to 25% of their weight in moisture. No other product on the market can match this.

We also know that expanding existing building facilities or investing in new builds is an important investment so getting it right is key and has long term benefits for profitability, animal welfare and the environment. Like the communities we’ve been serving for over a century, we too are focused on value and animal welfare.

That’s why our design innovations are focused on keeping your animals comfortable and performing at their best. Our products achieve this by:

  • Regulating temperature by absorbing excess heat
  • Reducing the stress caused by noise
  • Maximising light to increase milk production

Happy animals perform better. It makes sense and is backed by science.

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How our roofs absorb heat

Long term heat stress can cause serious illness. In higher temperatures and humidity, a cow will accumulate heat in the day, causing potential loss of production levels which may result in a loss of appetite.

This is why moisture absorption is a key factor in our product design. Research shows that cows feel most comfortable at temperatures between 5° and 20°C, while new-born calves ideally need a minimum temperature of 7°C.

As well as high absorption levels, our roofing sheets offer high performing thermal technology. They absorb heat from the sun on hot days to keep temperatures inside lower, while retaining heat on cold days.

Our products are designed for maximum animal welfare because healthy animals grow faster and have a higher rate of production.

How our roofs reduce animal stress

Noise is another key consideration for us when designing our roofs. Cows have a well-developed hearing ability and they experience stress at sound levels above 80dB – similar to the noise of a lawn mower or loud rain drumming on a roof.

Eternit profiled sheets have a very high acoustic damping performance, which reduces the stress caused by noise for the animals and also creates a more pleasant working environment for the farmer.

Tests show that the noise of heavy rainfall is only half as loud under our fibre cement roofs compared to metal roofs.

How our roofs optimise light

Research shows that brighter dairy buildings boost milk production, with measurable increases in extended periods of light (16 to 18 hours per day), compared to natural periods of light (8 to 14 hours per day).

Optimising light in the building can increase milk production by circa 5%.

For this reason, we’ve designed translucent roofing panels to sit alongside our standard corrugated sheets.

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The Eternit promise to you

Eternit fibre cement corrugated sheets do not rust or rot, are insensitive to fungus, bacteria and vermin and resistant to all chemical influences, including ammonia.

Fibre cement is a fire-resistant material and Eternit roofing sheets have one of the best fire classifications in the industry. They are suitable for all types of weather and built to create the most comfortable working environment for both animals and farm workers.

Visit our website at for full product details and to request more information, call us on +44 01283 501 555 or email