App launched to help farmers keep track of livestock numbers

A new app has been launched for farmers to store and share data on how many animals they have in each field.

Livestock Count enables farmers to enter the number of each type of livestock in each of their fields and make notes about them. Any updates are immediately available to farmworkers or family members also using the app.

The idea for Livestock Count came about when farmer’s son Richard Glover-Davies was helping his dad during lambing time. More ewes and lambs were being brought to Mr Glover-Davies’ smallholding every other day, and he kept having to call his dad to find out how many were meant to be in each field.

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The app displays a map of the fields, with livestock numbers and notes shown, and the current location of the person using it.

“If a farmer and his or her family go on holiday, they can now easily get a friend or neighbour to check their stock, as they can give them access to the app, and they can [use it as they] walk around the farm,” adds Mr Glover-Davies.

The app is free and can also be used offline.

To install the app, visit the Livestock Count website.