IBR and BVD vaccines now offer 12 months’ protection

Farmers now have the flexibility to revaccinate cattle for IBR and BVD at up to 12-month intervals, opposed to after six months.

Bovilis IBR Marker Live and Bovilis IBR Marker Inac and Bovilis BVD from MSD Animal Health, are now registered to offer longer durations of immunity.

This means that booster vaccinations can be administered up to 12 months after the initial vaccine course has been completed. The initial vaccine course for Bovilis BVD requires two vaccinations four weeks apart followed by a further vaccination at six months.

It is also possible to mix the IBR Marker Live and Bovilis BVD vaccines in the same syringe and administer them on the same day, efficacy trials have proven.

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Revealing the findings at UK Dairy Day, MSD Animal Health adviser Andrew Montgomery stressed the duration of booster vaccines will depend on the disease epidemiology and severity, and encouraged farmers to work alongside their vet to tailor their approach.

But he added that the new claims will offer farmers a real advantage when managing diseases by providing greater flexibility.