13 tweets from farmers who are proud of dairy

Milk producers from across the UK have rallied behind the #proudofdairy hashtag to promote all that’s good about British milk.

Dairy farmers turned their hands to film-making to shoot short clips showing why they are proud to work in the industry.

The initiative was the brainchild of the NFU Dairy. It was intended to propagate a positive message during this week’s anti-dairy campaigns.

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Farmers Weekly has selected our favourite videos and tweets sent in as part of the initiative, which will be running until the end of the week.

Dairy farmer, Paul Tompkins (@southacrefarm) provided this Hollywood-esque introduction to start the week off.

Keeping it strictly professional, Yorkshire dairy farmer David keeps his composure despite one of his Jersey cows’ best efforts to steal the limelight.


Welsh dairy farmer Will Evans (@willpenrievans) shows that dairy farming is very much a family affair.

Exemplifying his Spielberg-like editing skills, dairy farmer Richard, from Cheshire, explains how he has three generations of the same family in his herd.

Another dairy farmer, Rob from Cheshire highlights the nutritional value packed into every glass of milk.

“It’s now becoming common knowledge that milk is a better hydrator than sports drinks or water,” says Rob.

“That’s because it helps the body retain fluids for longer.”

Former dairy farmer John Charles-Jones (@woodboroughpark) overcomes his aversion to selfies to show why he’s proud to supply the nation’s cows with wheat for their feed and straw for their bedding.

Showcasing English countryside at its verdant best, Dalesbrad Holsteins (@dalesbrad007) highlights that dairy cows graze on land unsuitable for growing arable crops.

William Maxwell (@Ballygreenan) shows that happy cows are good for everybody and any help farmers can provide to reach those hard-to-scratch places is very much appreciated.

Dentist Bryn Thompson (bryn_thompson) explains how milk is vitally important for strong, healthy teeth.

“I’m providing jobs in rural communities here on this farm, and I’m supporting local businesses and services,” said NFU dairy board member and South Wales dairy farmer Abi Reader.

“Plus I’m contributing to that fantastic patchwork landscape that we’re all so proud of.”

Just turn the volume up for this one. You won’t regret it.

Independent livestock sustainability consultant Jude Capper dispels a common myth about UK farming in general.

A perfect summary of how this hashtag is making us all feel from Twisted Witch (@twisted0909)

Get involved

The NFU is asking anyone interested to record clips highlighting the following subjects:

  • Cow and calf welfare
  • Dairy farmers and the work they do for the environment
  • Landscape features dairy farmers are proud of
  • How your dairy farm interacts with the community and supports local suppliers 
  • Nutritional value of dairy products

The aim is to gather a diverse selection of clips from different stages of the dairying process, filmed from a variety of locations. The Union said all clips should be recorded in landscape position.

The NFU will also be providing a stock letter to download defending the industry which the Union encourages producers to personalise and send to local papers and magazines

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