Interbreed controversy at a sweltering Kent Show

Showing dairy cattle in the blistering heat at Kent Show last week was no task for the faint-hearted – particularly when the interbreed judge went against all convention and selected the reserve Channel Island champion as his reserve interbreed champion, behind the Holstein leader.

The decision, which confused many round the ring, came about due to the manner in which cattle are paraded for the interbreed, with both breed champions and reserves put in front of the judge.

Leading the way in the dairy classes was Quality Raider Franbo, the Holstein champion from the Freeman family, Lewes.

Franbo has been heavily flushed for embryos since the Freemans saved her from another herd’s cull selection.

Giving 47 litres a day at the moment, she gave more than 11,000 litres in her last lactation.

Standing second was the reserve Jersey, Wotton Lemvigs Willow from Patrick Evelyn’s 120-cow herd.

A true modern Jersey, fourth calving Willow gave 8200 litres in her third lactation.

As always at Kent, it was the sheep section which yielded the strongest entries.

Heading up the interbreed line after a marathon judging stint by Somerset-based Elliot Parker was the Texel champion, a shearling ram from John and Kate Marshall.

Home-bred and by a Dune Valley tup purchased from Lanark two years ago, the ram was unbeaten as a ram lamb last year.

Meanwhile it was first-time exhibitors John and Carol Maxwell who led their Charollais shearling ewe to reserve spot.

Across in the beef lines it was the turn of John and Mary Reynolds to claim top honours for Buriton Estates, with Mary leading their Limousin heifer, Miscombe Vanthe, to clinch the silverware.

By Brontemore Stig, Vanthe is a full sister to the Reynolds’ heifer which stood first at the International Limousin Congress 2004.

The pig results meanwhile had a familiar ring to them, with top honours going to East Sutton Park’s Saddleback sow and reserve to Charles Bull’s Berkshire sow.

Interbreed KG Freeman and Son’s Holstein cow Quality Raider Franbo; res, Buriton Estate’s Limousin heifer Miscombe Vanthe.
Interbreed Group Holstein; res, Hereford.

Buriton Estate’s Limousin heifer Miscombe Vanthe; res, M Hind’s Sussex cow Maplesden Snowdrop 20.
Blonde Jones and Garratt’s cow Egerton Pandora; res, P de Giles’ bull Bilsington Argent.
Charolais R Taylor’s bull Burnside Taz; res, RL Potter’s heifer Coningsby Ursula.
Simmental CH Carter’s bull Astcote Ranger; res, D Wakefield’s heifer Oakhill Nelly 17.
Hereford Messrs B, H and MR Myers’ heifer Boundless 1 Symphony; res, P Noel and R Snelling’s bull Sarabande Bafca.
Limousin Buriton Estates’ heifer Miscombe Vanthe; res, Thorndean Farms’ bull Quaish Volcano.
Longhorn SE Coleman’s bull Blackbrook Newt; res, GH Wild’s cow Rifhams Belle.
Sussex M Hind’s cow Maplesden Snowdrop 20; res, CE and WS Milson’s heifer Trottenden Buttercup 6.
Any Other Native Wetland Trust’s Aberdeen Angus bull Rosemead Bill B229; res, W Murphy’s Gloucester cow Castlemast Cherrypie.
Crossbred Beef Rupert Taylor’s Limousin cross heifer Mini Me; res, Messrs J Wareham and Sons’ Limousin cross steer Cheeky.

Interbreed KG Freeman and Son’s Holstein cow Quality Raider Franbo; res, JPMH Evelyn’s junior Jersey cow Wotton Lemvigs Willow.
Ayrshire MDM and J Howie’s junior cow Ridley Hill Lillet; res, Boty Farms’ junior cow Haresfoot Bo Peep.
Dexter PW Hunt’s cow Saltaire Sharp; res, DL Smith’s maiden heifer moomin Jinglebell.
Holstein KG Freeman and Son’s cow Quality Raider Franbo; res, JR Warnock and Sons’ junior cow Capelleferne Dante Nerissa P14.
Channel Island JPMH Evelyn’s junior Jersey cow Wotton Decadences Yolande; res, JPMH Evelyn’s junior Jersey cow Wotton Lemvigs Willow.

J Marshall’s Texel shearling ram; res, J and C Maxwell’s Charollais shearling ewe.
Interbreed Group Suffolk; res, Jacob
Romney GD Palmer’s ram; res, J Coultrip’s pair of shearling ewes.
Southdown Wakeham Dawson and Harmer’s shearling ewe; res, D Bunting’s ram lamb.
Suffolk PA Rycraft’s ram lamb; res, C Kniestedt’s ewe lamb.
Jacob JE Angell-James’ shearling ewe; res, FF Higgins’ ewe lamb.
Texel J Marshall’s shearling ram; res, J Marshall’s ewe lamb.
British Down D and J Master’s Hampshire Down shearling ewe; res, D Sutton’s Wiltshire Horn shearling ram.
Lleyn AJ and AC Cheesmur’s ram; res, DF and OM Bond’s shearling ewe.
Charollais J and C Maxwell’s shearling ewe; res, HM Long’s ewe lamb.
Any Other Pure Continental J Bury’s Bleu du Maine shearling ewe; res, J M Metianu and S Aspital’s Rouge de l’Ouest shearling ewe.
Any Other Pure Native S Brown’s Wensleydale shearling ewe; res, R Beecher’s Kerry Hill ram.

Pork Pigs I Mather; res, Princess Christians Farm.
Live and Dead Cutter Pigs PB Banks.
Open Pigs East Sutton Park’s British Saddleback sow; res, C Bull’s Berkshire sow.