Jolyon Higgs enjoys improved Royal Welsh Show

This year the Royal Welsh Show was ready for whatever the weather could throw at it.

More than £200,000 had been spent on new drainage and surface for the main ring. Heavy rain during the run up underlined the wisdom of this investment, but in the event little fell during the show. A new members’ stand beside the main ring was the other new attraction, providing those who give regular support to the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society with a fantastic facility. The food hall, last year’s major investment, was more user-friendly and a popular venue.

This year’s wool cheque was double last years and reflected the better price the 2010 clip achieved. However, we will still wait a year for the major part of our 2011 money. Could not a 50% payment be made in December and the balance with next year’s wool weights? The BWMB had asked for our bank details in order to pay by bank transfer, so it was puzzling to receive a cheque.

At Cwmfron grass growth has been excellent, with 25% more silage baled than last year when we just managed to eke out supplies through the winter. We have been using a nitrogen fertiliser with added sulphur and this may have boosted yields. Feed barley has been delivered in at £166.00/t.

On Gower, Tom has combined winter barley with pleasing results. Bucket-reared calves are doing well on once-a-day skimmed milk powder and improved ventilation has helped with pneumonia.









Joylon Higgs

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