Easy-calving sires available as sexed semen

Kings-Ransom Donairo from Genus is a Moët Lookout son bred from one of the highest profile cows in the USA, Pen-Col motto Dima VG88.

This cow has bred numerous high-ranking bulls and females, with Donairo among the best. He offers plenty of milk kilograms from cows that are below average for stature so is also suitable for cubicle systems.

Donairo also specialises in siring good feet and legs alongside high and wide rear udders. He sires exceptional health and fitness traits, which make him easy to use, according to Genus’s Hugh Ratcliffe.

“He is very easy calving, so will be suitable to use on maiden heifers this spring, combined with +0.2 Lifespan, -24 for somatic cell counts and above average daughter fertility index.”

Also available is Kings-Ransom Dover. Dover is among the world’s first proven Laudan sons and is bred from an Ex Debut daughter of Mtoto Dima, the dam of Donairo.

“A sire stack of Laudan x Debut makes Dover an outcross to many of the common bloodlines used in the UK over recent years, making him easy to use across a group of heifers.

“Like his sire, Dover specialises in siring low-maintenance cows who will get back in calf significantly quicker than average (+5.5 for daughter fertility index). He combines excellent fat and protein percentages with negative somatic cell counts and very easy calving.

“Type-wise, the Dover daughters will again be below average for stature with shallow, well-attached udders,” concludes Mr Ratcliffe.