Hampshire Downs make record progress – again

MEMBERS OF the Hampshire Down Sire Reference Scheme have once again made record levels of gentic progress this year.

In the last year the average scheme index has risen from 156 points to 173 points, while scan weight EBV for growth has improved by 0.6kg, explains Signet breeding consultant Maurice Jones.

“The top 10% of recorded Hampshire Down lambs will confer superior growth and muscling to the average flock of 240 ewes that will be worth about £1000 more than their average counterparts over a four year working life.”

These improvements will enable commercial producers to either acheive target weight up to two weeks earlier or add up to 2kg to a lamb’s sale weight and ensure it remains within the target carcass specification.”

Reference sires for this year’s tupping will include a ram ram selected from the Kelsey flock of Jennifer Atkinson. The tup lamb which recorded an index of 249 is by Kelsey Achilles and out of a Yarcombe-brd ewe.