New sexed semen sires available

Genus ABS has added two new elite sires to its sexed semen line-up.

Wa-Del Hayden, one of its most popular conventional bulls and Kamps-Hollow Arudolf-Red, a red carrier, are now available as ABS Sexation, says Hugh Ratcliffe, European business development manger for dairy genetics.

“Hayden is a complete Oman son, offering UK customers all the traits they are now demanding.” He scores £192 for PLI with more than 600kg milk and impressive fat and protein percentages.

“Hayden daughters are ideal for large herd systems being average for stature, but strong and powerful through the chest with negative angularity.”

His longevity and daughter fertility scores also continue to climb, showing Hayden to sire daughters with an extra three months of herd life, capable of getting back in calf two days quicker than average.

“Arudolf-Red is an early September Storm son from Clover-Mist Alisha EX93, who is still alive at 16 years old – a true long-life cow.”

Arudolf-Red is 6% calving ease with +2.54 for Type and huge fat percentage improvements.

“Daughters have super feet and tremendous udders, making them an ideal cross for Jordon-Red bloodline,” Mr Ratcliffe concludes.