Reward on offer after show theft

ANIMAL HEALTH product supplier Osmonds has offered a £2000 reward for information about the theft of a drum of pre-tupping drench

The drum was stolen from its stand at Sheep 2004.

The company said the reward would be paid if the person or persons involved in the theft of the product, which was worth £365, were prosecuted for the offence.

“The sum of £2000 as a reward may look out of context in comparison to the value of the product stolen,” said managing director Charles Wilson.

“But as there has been a spate of thefts at recent shows and events it was felt that someone had to make a stand.

“The Americans got Saddam Hussein with money, so we thought we would try it.”

Mr Wilson said the 25l drum had been hidden overnight under a table with a cloth on top.

“We thought it was quite safe but when we went back in the morning it was gone.”

The company is urging anyone who has information that could lead to a conviction to telephone it on 01948 668100 or West Mercia Police on 08457 444888 ext 4079.

If contacting the police the offence number or 22CC/66866E/04.