Farmer Focus: Globalisation has gone too far

Come back Brexit, all is forgiven now that Covid-19 is dominating all our lives.

So far on farm we are managing fairly well. Rather than me picking up the staff each morning, they are coming in their own cars and we stagger going through the showers and also stagger lunch breaks.

We are also keeping 2m apart as much as possible, though that’s not easy when you are weaning pigs and loading pigs on to the lorry.

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So far, we have not had any disruption getting pigs away or getting feed in, but we do live in scary times.

I do believe globalisation has gone way too far and hopefully when this is all over the government and the general public will realise that, with support and financial encouragement, the UK can feed itself.

If UK farmers continue setting the highest welfare and environmental standards in the world while the country lets in imports, not produced to the same standards, then we are all doomed.

I must say I have always had my doubts about global warming. While I don’t dispute it’s happening, I think that it could be a natural rather than a man-made occurrence.

However, while I do enjoy my 10 days’ holiday in Tenerife every year, I think the time has come for governments to start taxing aviation and maritime fuel if they really do care about the environment.

Both of these are enormous polluters and imagine the boost to the UK economy if many more people holidayed in the UK.

There are some beautiful spots to visit in the UK. Sod Richard Branson and the likes.

Also, can you imagine the boost to our manufacturing industry if it became too expensive to ship everything from China?

I don’t suppose politicians would dare to do anything as radical as I suggest, but if they aren’t brave enough then how can they say they care about the environment?

Or is it just easier to blame us farmers and our farting cows?

Stay safe everyone and god bless the NHS and all their staff.

David Owers is a Farmer Focus writer in Lincolnshire. Read his biography.