Farmer Focus: Hoping for a good summer as jobs stack up

Shearing season has been pretty easy to manage so far, as the weather has been on our side and not held us up too much, which is good.

However, jobs out and about on the farm are starting to stack up. One of the jobs I’m relieved I didn’t have the time to race into was subsoiling.

Some of the jobs done early seem to be drying out with all this hot weather so we are aiming to get stuck into that sometime in August. Let’s hope winter doesn’t start in August again like last year.

Ewes and lambs are looking well and, with the lamb price being a bit better, hopefully things will even out a bit on the books.

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The hinds have been flat out calving for a few weeks now and seem to be getting on with it very well. Most of the older groups have all but done and the first time calvers are a bit later.

On the whole, the hinds have come through the past 12 months very well with maybe the exception of a handful of first-time calvers.

I must admit these deer seem to do things at the right time of year, like calving, through all this good weather makes a lot more sense than trying to compete with Mother Nature.

All the stags are looking great in all their glory, with the older stags nearly finished growing out their velvet.

Every now and again when I’m at home and Pip has holidaymakers I try and take them around the farm. I use it to educate them a little and they all seem to love coming around the deer and seeing the new arrivals and can’t quite believe the stags grow massive antlers every year.

I’m also really pleased with how well this year’s yearlings are going as we have nearly reached weights we were hoping to get to by October, so slowly things are getting better but there’s still a lot to learn.