Farmer Focus: Mortality looks to be at 4-5% this lambing

We had lambed two-thirds of the ewes by the end of April. The Myomax gene-carrying lambs are all on the ground, along with the majority of the main flock.

We are convinced they look more muscular and rounded on the eye, but time and figures will tell.

We have just 500 ewe lambs and a late mob to go. We have had a fantastically easy lambing, thanks mostly to the warm, dry weather.

For once we had plenty of grass in front of all the ewes. We managed to get the high-magnesium energy buckets out early and have only had two incidences of magnesium deficiency.

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We’ve had 14 ewes (out of 1,500) through the A&E unit and left with a fostered lamb or two, and at the time of writing, we have eight orphans.

We will give you the final statistics when we’ve finished. Losses are at an all-time low at about 4-5% – probably a result of the lower-than-normal scanning.

We’ve left all our triplets on their mothers again and this year we have had more success – we lambed them all on a lucerne paddock and even the quad looks as if she is going to cope.

We intend to keep the highest-nutrition paddocks in front of them and will keep monitoring their growth – you can always take the lambs off.

Meanwhile, on the arable front we have all the cultivating, drilling and rolling of the peas, spring barley, clover and some new leys done and a first dose of fertiliser completed before lambing started.

Last week we got the second dose of fertiliser on and the T1s sprayed.

We’re awash with youth at the moment. Alex (30) has joined our arable team, we’ve had two vet students around for lambing work experience and we’re cracking on with converting a building into accommodation, ready for our Harper Adams student to join us in July.

Both Jo and I have benefited greatly from continued professional development. If you have ever thought about it, why not get an application form in for Nuffield or one of the Worshipful Company of Farmers courses, as the deadlines are looming.