Farmer Focus: Wasn’t easy but third cut is done

It has been a busy month here with third-cut silage harvested alongside weaning the fell lambs.

We were nearly 10 days late getting it cut and clamped because it never stopped raining.

When we finally got it in, the ground was still tender, but there was a good crop and it was decent quality.

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Our ground was still so soft that the rake got stuck and the chopper started sliding down a hill.

All was completed though with no major incidents and the contractor team did a good job at not making a mess in difficult circumstances.

We have got all the slurry on since but that had to wait almost 10 days as well because it continued to rain nearly non-stop.

The sheep have been gathered in from the fell and lambs weaned, wormed and sorted into males and females.

Lambs looking great

The lambs are looking great. They now have a few weeks of settling into some good grass before the wethers (males) are all sold as store lambs.

The ewes have done very well considering the singles had very little to eat on the fell until the end of June when we sheared them. The next job is to sort through all the ewes and take off any cull ewes or draft ewes that are to be sold.

On the cow side of things, we had a bit of a blip with fertility for a month, but we just scanned today, and it seems to be back to where we were before.

We were at a loss to find an explanation because we did blood samples and everything came back perfect, so no one really could tell us what was going on.

I’m unsure of the reason for it but there was a sudden change of silage, which coincided with when the cows struggled. Coupled with high temperatures and humidity, it may have caused a little bit of a stress on them.

It looks like we have turned the corner though, with 100% scanning in the heifers this morning and nearly all the cows we scanned in-calf as well.