Mini printer could aid EID recording

With demand for convenient movement recording growing, a new portable printer could help farmers keep track of each batch of sheep.

The printer from TGM Software can be used with an EID wand, allowing farmers to simply beep the batch of sheep and immediately print out the list there and then.

George Megarry of TGM said: “This should make recording and complying with movement documentation quick and straightforward. The wand links by bluetooth to the portable printer, so there is no cable. The lists can be printed when working with the sheep and as numbers are electronically read there is no room for error with the wrong number being written down.”

Designed to be portable and versatile, the printer is small and light and prints the lists of EID numbers on what looks like a till roll.”

If farmers are using either flock movement software or flock management software the wand links to their PC to update their software. The printer is £250 with wands from £750.

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