National Beef Association appoints new chairman

Exmoor-based beef farmer Christopher Thomas-Everard has been appointed chairman of the National Beef Association.

Mr Thomas-Everard  replaces Duff Burrell who stood down two weeks ago after a clash of views over DEFRA’s proposed TB “Partnership” Group.

Mr Burrell favoured working more closely with the  government, a view opposed by the NBA’s regional chairmen and the majority of other board members.


On his new role Mr Thomas-Everard said: “I am very honoured to have been appointed chairman.

“I want to commend the excellent work undertaken by Duff Burrell during his three years in office in opening doors and taking a practical farmer’s view into Whitehall,” he said.

“I must also thank Frank Momber, who remains as vice-chairman, for standing in at short notice and organising the confirmation of a replacement chairman for the association in less than two weeks.”

Shoulder to shoulder

“I should like to confirm that the NBA will stand shoulder to shoulder with the other 16 industry bodies in seeking to persuade Mr Benn of the only way possible to eradicate TB in cattle and wildlife.

“TB in wildlife has spread alarmingly in the first four months of this year and is moving outwards at over 10 miles a year.”

“My family run suckler cattle and sheep on a hill farm on Exmoor. As new NBA chairman I am determined to do my best on behalf of beef farmers of all types and in all part of the UK.

“We hope to arrange NBA meetings in the nine membership regions in the next few months which will be open to all beef farmers and I will try to attend all of these.”

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