New durable plastic pig ark available

A unique plastic pig ark which can withstand the elements is now available to buy.

The Con-Tented Ark does not rust, corrode, is resistant to minor knocks and bumps and has double safety pods to protect very young pigs. It is however, a similar weight to metal ones.

The ark is made from a high density recycled plastid which resists all types of corrosion, has a natural insulation capacity and an average thickness of about 8/10mm. It can also stand being dropped and hit without major damage to the shell, claim the product designer and manufacturer, Con-Tented Services, Norfolk.

The shape of the ark also aids the safety of young piglets.The shape ensure a wind cheating benefit and plenty of space within the ark to allow both the sow and her young to have growing room.

A range of options are available if the basic unit size of 7ft 6inx6f by 2.3m doesn’t meet demand.

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