New online tool help sheep farmers manage flocks

Managing sheep flocks is set to become easier with the launch of a new digital calendar reminding farmers when key tasks need to be done.

Eblex has developed The Flock Management Calendar, which offers a simple, free-of-charge solution for recording time-sensitive important tasks.

Katie Brian, Eblex Better Returns Programme project manager, says: “This tool works out all of the important dates for action and sends reminders for them.”

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Once a tupping or lambing date is entered into the calendar, key production dates, such as when ewes should be scanned, when certain vaccinations should be given and when ewes and rams should be condition scored, are automatically set throughout the year.

Weekly reminder emails for upcoming tasks are then automatically generated every Sunday, she explains.

Multiple calendars can be created for different groups of sheep (early lambers, main flock, ewe lambs etc) simply by adding different lambing or tupping dates. Each group will then have its own specific calendar linked to that date.

As well as essential, time-sensitive tasks, the calendar also flags up things which should be considered at different times of year, for example the risk of liver fluke or worms.

In addition, there is an option for producers to add their own bespoke tasks, such as specific vet treatments which need to be administered to an individual sheep or a group.

The Flock Management Calendar can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers – meaning farmers can keep it in their pocket at all times. Anyone can register for the tool by visiting

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