New solar-powered energiser launched

A new solar-powered energiser for electric fences, complete with back-up batteries, could offer livestock producers round the clock power for their electrical fencing systems.

The Wolseley SX300, from equipment supplier Stockshop, is a battery-powered solar energiser with the ability to electrify 20km of fence line or five to set nets.

It features a three-way hybrid power system, with rechargeable NiMh batteries which store power from the solar panel, alongside a separate set of back-up D-cell batteries for periods of insufficient solar power.

Jo Hiorns from Stockshop said: “The Wolseley SX300 was developed to meet the market need for a reliable solar energiser.

“The back-up batteries ensure that even on cloudy days, the energiser keeps the line clicking, and it is also incredibly economical to run, as the back-up batteries should last for a whole year.”

For stockists call the Stockshop sales line on 01392 460 077 or visit

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