New website offers help to farmers

Farmers are set to benefit from a veterinary website offering free advice and diagnosis for their animals.

The Vet Help Direct website ( has been providing advice to pet owners since 2006, and horse and donkey owners in the past year. It now plans to roll the service out to the farming industry with a new farm animal section covering cattle, sheep and poultry.

Providing information and advice for the sheep and cattle sections is specialist cattle vet Nich Roper and farm animal vet and farmer Clare Finn-Kelcey.

Website founder Susie Samuel said: “We understand that many of the people using the farm animal symptom guide will be professionals themselves.

“We wanted to provide a specialist resource that will be genuinely useful for them whilst still covering the needs of small holders and hobby farmers. We will be adding more.

“We are excited about planned developments in this area; we will be adding more symptoms to the guide over the next few years and we are really keen for farmers to request symptoms they would like to see covered.”

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