Old Spots win battle to protect name

The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders’ Club has won a battle to protect the name of this once rare breed of pig and keep it from exploitation.

The club has won an action to invalidate the trade mark “Bramley Old Spot Pork”, which was registered to a meat marketing company, Axle Associates, in 2008. The name was used in connection with meat products from pigs that, while sired by a Gloucestershire Old Spot, were not pure-bred or pedigree animals.

Richard Lutwyche, secretary of the Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders’ Club, said: “This is a victory for the Old Spots and for purveyors of quality meats throughout the UK and beyond.

“The Old Spots has a particularly attractive name that appeals to consumers and food marketers and this has made it vulnerable to misuse at a time when people are increasingly interested in the provenance and quality of the food they are eating.”

Mr Lutwyche said it was good to see that common sense has prevailed and that the UK Intellectual Property Office had agreed meat products from Old Spots could only use the name “Old Spot” if they were bred from two pedigree animals.

“Coming on top of the EU Commission granting protected food name status to the breed last year, I think this sends a clear message to those in the UK market place looking to exploit this breed: don’t – because we are determined to protect the Old Spots’ good name.”

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