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Our TagFaster sheep tagging evolution lets you tag happy

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KiwiKit bring New Zealand Solutions for British Farmers, Fencing Contractors and Veterinary Surgeons. Our aim is to provide good quality product that will do the job at the right price with a first class service to our customers. KiwiKit has a long history of bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing our customers with choice and quality with products that add value to your enterprise, or your lifestyle. ROXAN provide the world’s leading brands in livestock management systems from the fully automatic ear tagging system for sheep, TagFaster, to the accurate animal health delivery systems from Simcro and easy to use EID readers from Tru-Test.

  • Our sheep tagging evolution and our range including TagFaster
  • When an inspector calls and how you can ensure tagging and record keeping help you pass
  • Tagging properly, cleanly and carefully makes them stay in better so less work and cost replacing or failing an inspection
  • EID reading and target weighing has never been easier if you EID tag and use equipment that will pay for itself very quickly
  • Reduce resistance build up by treating them right and by using the best equipment there is from NJ Phillips and Simcro
  • Trade in and lessen resistance risk with 25% OFF NJ Phillips this season.
sheep tagging

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Sheep tagging

Our sheep tagging evolution means TagFaster, the only fully automatic tagging solution lets you tag sheep quicker, even single handed up to 20 singles or 10 x pairs without then need to reload.

Alphaline single shot tagging has never been safer with a retractable action to reduce ear tear risk. A no nonsense tag for Slaughter or Breeding Set application.

Don’t be an obvious inspection candidate and get the all clear during an inspection

During an inspection on-farm records, physical animal inspections, passports and movement licences, unused tags, medicine records and death records are thoroughly checked over.

Tagging properly, cleanly, carefully and they will stay in better!

Inserting sheep EID and Visual match-up tags correctly can reduce the risk of losing tags and lower welfare problems due to torn and ripped ears.

The female part of the tag should always be on the ear inside, disinfectant does help as does avoiding warmer spells so doing it earlier in the season can make sense avoiding weaning or castration to reduce stress.  

EID Reading and recording has never been easier

With EID tagging in sheep compulsory and cattle closer, invest and use EID readers and the information they can gather, hold and print out.

This can be for all your movement and required records being inspection ready anytime.

EID tagging helps you hit market weights too

Instead of applying EID tags just before lambs are sorted for market, EID tags help in collecting weight-related data to assess weekly growth rates ensuring animals are healthy, nutritional requirements are being met and estimating better how long before you can start drawing lambs

Tru Test is Plug & Play and means exactly that, simply plug the cables into the indicators and load bars. Superdamp™ technology captures accurate live weights more quickly than any other weigh scale indicator on the market.

sheep tagging

© KiwiKit Roxan

Tackling wormer resistance in your flock

Anthelmintic resistance in sheep is estimated to cost in excess of £84m annually and is top priority in the recent Defra Animal Health and Welfare Pathway.

The worldwide resistance problem in flocks can be traced back decades to frequent and blanket worming treatments year after year using the same formulation inexpensive wormer then moving onto clean pasture immediately to reduce individual and flock parasite burdens.

Blanket treatment of the entire flock does not maintain a certain population of susceptible worms. It is now recommended therefore, to leave if possible, up to 10-20% of the animals untreated.

Quarantine all bought in sheep and keep in the yard for 24-48 hours to lower worm eggs of incoming sheep hitting the pasture.

SCOPS recommends a knockout drench as part of quarantine preventing resistant worms introduction.

Nematodirus with a different life cycle can strike very quickly requiring extreme vigilance and passes between subsequent lamb crops with larvae developing in the egg with mass hatching under certain climatic conditions.

White wormers are still highly effective but pre and post FEC testing should also be undertaken.

Trade in and lessen resistance risk with NJ Phillips

Move over to a more accurate, quicker and easier oral drencher this season and we will give you 25% off a selection of NJ Phillips devices for sheep and lambs.

Treating them right

  • Always use the correct dosage of wormer to the size of the heaviest animal
  • Check that the weigh-crate is accurate -even consider changing to a digital
  • Drench guns and injectables need particular attention as does correct technique
  • Before you start, use a calibration tube, the neck of a 10ml syringe or a container with accurate calibration marks
  • Inspect and clean with warm soapy water, check the metal nozzle, ensure springs at both ends of the tube to avoid kinks
  • Make sure sheep are properly restrained when treating, so they swallow the whole amount
  • Place a hand under the head and tilt slightly to the side. Slot the nozzle in the gap between molar and incisor teeth and then over the back of the tongue. You must get the nozzle over the back of the tongue

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