Photos and video: Record-breaking 40kg fleece sheared from Oz sheep

A 40kg fleece has been sheared from a stray sheep in Australia by a shearing champion.

The heavily-laden and sorry-looking sheep was found wandering around by walkers in Canberra, Australia, who called the RSPCA.

The animal charity called on Australian Shearing Championship winner, Ian Elkins, to take on the daunting task of removing the enormous fleece.

It took Mr Elkins 43 minutes to remove the fleece, which came in at a weighty 40.45kg. He said: “I certainly have never done anything like this before and will go home tonight for a well-deserved beer”.

Watch the video (courtesy of RSPCA) and see the photos below.

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Despite its sorry appearance, the sheep was found to be in fairly good shape and is now being cared for by the RSPCA.

We expect 40.45kg is a record, although, you may know different…

The record-breaking fleece after removal


© Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

It weighed in at 40.45kg

The fleece © Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

© Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

Shearer Ian Elkins shows the length of the staple

The length of the staple © Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

© Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

A two-man job to get the fleece on the scales – Ian Elkins with his son Mick

Weighing the fleece © Ray Strange-Newspix-REX

© Ray Strange-Newspix-REX


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