Pig farming ‘like growing cucumbers’ say researchers

Technology used to grow cucumbers could provide an insight into safeguarding pig health, according to researchers.

Scientists at the University of Worcester believe there are massive similarities between growing cucumbers in greenhouses and growing pigs in ventilated buildings.

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Commenting on the similarities, researcher Alison Wakeham said: “Both cucumbers and pigs have problems with disease coming in from outside, the need to clean effectively between batches to prevent cross-contamination and identifying infectious diseases promptly to reduce associated production problems.”

Ms Wakeman, who will be speaking at the Bpex Innovation conference on 13 May at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, will discuss novel diagnostics from the horticultural sector.

The conference will also include discussions on precision farming, reducing odour in the waste food industry and technologies for outdoor pigs.

For full details and to register for the Innovation Conference, visit the Bpex website or call 0247 647 8782.

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