Pig health and welfare

Information, advice and case studies on keeping your pig herd healthy and disease free.


Facts about pig worms, how to reduce infection risk and case study on a successful worm-free herd.

Don’t allow worms to eat your pig profits

Ascaris suum (white roundworm)

Swine influenza

How swine influenza spreads, how to diagnose it, prevention and treatment.

Swine infuenza: NADIS pig health bulletin


Practical help on how to vaccinate piglets for pneumonia while keeping stress to a minimum

Minimising stress during piglet vaccinations

Twisted gut

How to avoid the risk of twisted guts leading to sudden death in pigs

Twisted gut risk in pigs during summer

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea Virus (PEDv)

Facts on the PED virus, diagnosis, symtoms, treatment and prevention.

Biosecurity to help forestall new pig virus


Welfare plays an important role in a healthy and productive herd.

Rearing entire male pigs without castration

BPEX Real Welfare project

Danish investment in pig welfare

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