Pig nutrition and feed

Information, advice and case studies on nutrition and feed to boost your pig herd performance.

Case study on how installing weigh scales improved an Oxfordshire farm’s pig-feeding system

Weigh scales help boost pig performance

Case study on using silage as an alternative feed – research, costs and behaviour benefits

Silage feed advice for pig farmers

How to use feed to best effect at different stages of pig growth

Top tips on improving pig feed efficiency

Case study on moving to a wet feeding system and new technology

Wet feeding system improves weaner growth rates

The role of feed to keep disease under control – advice and case study

Feeding pigs is much more than nutrition

Advice on reducing feed waste

Being smarter with pig feed helps raise profits

Northern Ireland pig farmers urged to cut feed wastage

Case study on benefits of iron injecting outdoor piglets

Iron injecting outdoor piglets boosts weaning weight

How to detect pigs affected by mycotoxins in feed

Mycotoxins denting pig herd profits

Case study on benefits of using a supplementary milk system

Supplementary milk system increases pig litter

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