Welsh pig industry to benefit from £1.29m project

The Welsh pig sector is set to benefit from £1.29m of funding aimed at growing the industry and capitalising on opportunities post Brexit.

The investment will come from the Welsh government Rural Development Programme and European Agricultural Funding and will be used to finance a four-year project titled Menter Moch Cymru (MMC).

MMC will maintain and expand its multipronged campaign, successfully piloted for 18 months to March 2018, which seeks to increase the pig herd in Wales, among other targets.

The project will also continue to involve a range of supply chain partners to develop local markets and products and increase the expansion opportunities for existing producers as well as supporting new entrants.

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The pilot project was run by Menter a Busnes. The company’s chief executive Alun Jones said news of the government’s investment will be “very much welcomed by those working in the industry”.

“This is a huge opportunity for the pig sector, particularly in light of Brexit. Existing pig producers in Wales will have the confidence and tools to take their businesses to the next level, while new entrants will have the training and support they need to establish their enterprises,” he said.

“The pig sector also offers Welsh farmers an opportunity to diversify their activities, and to take advantage of Wales’ position as a big consumer of pork.”

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